Content Management System (CMS)

Having a website or intranet that is easily editable and manageable gives you the flexibility to change things without the need of an IT expert. We are experts at building flexible and robust content management solutions using Drupal and WordPress.


Spotia SiteBuilder

In certain cases, CMS solutions like WordPress and Drupal are too complicated for the end-user. For them, we have developed our own CMS, Spotia SiteBuilder, which is the most user-friendly and intuitive content management system on the market! It’s really the easiest product to make a website for your own business.

Online presence

By using our service you’ll have an own website for your business in just a few clicks.

Focused on your activities

It’s focused on what your business does, your website will be adapted accordingly.

Do It Yourself

No need to hire experts to create or maintain your website, you can easily do it yourself.

Spotia SiteBuilder screenshot

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Spotia SiteBuilder features by business

Restaurant icon


Add meals and menus, let your customers book their place online, let them order food online, …

Car icon


Add cars together with pictures and specifications, set them for sale or rent, …

Hairdresser icon

Barber – Hairdresser

Make a list of all the haircut’s, let your clients place online reservations, …

Tent icon


Display prices, make a nice photo album of the location and activities, …

Home icon

Real Estate Office

Set properties for sale or rent, add pictures and a map, search functions, …

Bakery icon


Make a photo album of all the specialities you prepare, let your customers order their food online, …

lipstick icon

Beauty Salon

Make a list of the different treatments, their description + price …

Hotel bed icon

Hotel – Bed & Breakfast

List the different types of rooms, let your clients book online, …

Law icon

Civil law notary

Set properties for sale or rent, add pictures and a map, search functions, …