Spotia helps you create a beautiful and user-friendly beauty salon website that is easily updateable by yourself. Through a simple admin panel where you can login, you can edit all the pages and content of your website.

Each beauty salon needs a website to get more customers and audiences, this is where Spotia wants to step in. Before someone visits a beauty salon, he would like to know what the treatments are like and what their price is. Also information concerning opening hours and location are very interesting to know. This is why Spotia is such a good solution: with our system you can add these pages and information yourself, very easily! The customer can even create his appointment online, so no call needed!

Beauty salon website

Benefits for a beaty salon when using Spotia SiteBuilder

List of treatments

Make a list of the different treatments that your clients can take, together with their description, price, pictures and more information. This way, your clinets can decide at home what treatmant thay are going to take.

Beauty salon services
Beauty services
Beauty salon appointment
Beauty salon reservations

Online Reservations

With Spotia you can offer your customers to book their place online. They can see which dates are free and pick out their preferred days and hours. You can always get a nice overview of the reservations that have been made, but you may also customize all this by using our admin panel. This way you can still add any reservations being made by phone.

Variety of designs

You can choose from numerous designs which will determine how your website will look like. You can always customize the colors of each design, so you can match it to the style that your company or business uses. It’s also easy to place a logo or something similar in the header of your website. All our designs are very modern and built with the latest web techniques.

You can always get a custom design based on your needs, contact us via our contact page or by email.

Beauty salon website
Beauty salon website

Other advantages

Website statistics

Statistics are tracked on your website and stored in a central place, so you can always look at them. These statistics give you an idea of how many visitors your site has, how they reached your website (which keywords did they use on google?), which pages they view most, and so on. In short, very interesting numbers!

Free domain name (.com/.be/.eu)

Each website needs a domain name. This is the address (url) where your clients can visit your website. If you choose to use Spotia, you don’t have to pay for this domain name, it’s a gift from us! You can choose what the address will be.

Own email addresses

You can easily make your own professional email addresses which you can then use to send and receive email. Once logged in, you will see the option to add a new email address in the settings of your website admin screen. Further details about how you should send and receive emails are also explained over there.

Create multilingual pages

With Spotia you can also display your website in multiple languages. This way, your website visitors can choose in which language they wish to view the site. For you it’s very easy to add a translation for each page.