Your business software partner

The right software gives you the control, the forward looking insight and the impact that are necessary to make your business grow.

With its advanced know-how, Spotia offers a variety of software solutions to easily manage your business in a cost efficient way. Business software makes your life easier and gives you a big advantage over your competitors. Our software solutions are securely hosted in the cloud, allowing you to work anywhere outside the office, even on-the-go with your mobile phone.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Retain full control of your interactions with your customers. Have a complete history of your interactions by keeping track of every step. Which colleague did what for whom and when, how long ago, etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Keep your administrative, financial and logistic business processes under control with an ERP system that helps you run your business and improve performance in every department.

Human Resources Management (HRM)

Manage the whole employee lifecycle with one system. Attract and retain the right talent. Free up HR time to focus on business strategy.

Document Management System (DMS)

Improve collaboration with a secure, easy to use document management system for efficient document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing.